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t.i.c.k. Lab Blue Dream Part I: Kickin' Goblins Blue Dream Series

t.i.c.k. Lab x Blue Dream (Official Mixtape Stream)

Blue Dream Series comes with 10 Official tracks on the series and will be handed out at the live performance

t.i.c.k. Lab performs @ Ghost Pepper Gallery

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Live @ Ghost Pepper.

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t.i.c.k. Label show starts @ 7 PM
1652 W. Walled (Clark and Northshore Stop off #22 Bus)
October 5th

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Blue Dream Audio Series is a compilation album w/ features from MOTO, Na$im Williams, TSCR, and Mechakai.

t.i.c.k. Clan: D-Jec / Doni Hex / Tha Guyver / KIRA / Lijha / Cor-e / P.A.N.I.C. / Cari Kari

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KIRA & Hex present…… The Sitcom “Mixtape”

Welcome to the lab Crii

Crii is the newest member of t.i.c.k. Lab. She’s been secretly working on underground projects with Doni Hex. She’s the first female singer of the group following with a beautiful jazzy and soulful voice. Hex has come across multiple of female singers, but had an eye on Cri, especially due to his and her communication between each other. Hex would pitch an idea and she exceeds the expectation. Here’s a track with Cri along with KIRA, Hex, and Cor-E.

FOOL of COOL by t.i.c.k. Label

Wavy McRockett - Ignorant Excellence (EP)

Ignorance is apart of all men, to deny it prevents advancement..I accept my ignorance thus evolve past it to Excel..this is the sound of that transformation…
shouts out to Doc Da MindBenda, Impolite Society, Denmark Vessey & A.U. for the mixes..

all tracks Prod By Na$im Williams,
*Blessings Prod by A.U.
*Winged Dragon Of Ra Prod. Na$im Williams co produced with Fortified Sounds & Stackz.

Download Ignorant Excellence (EP)

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KIRA’s Shirt. I’m stunting on’em

Cor-E - 97 Livin’ (Mixtape)

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Just Chicago vibes from the tick clan. Fun fact, song, lyrics, recording, video, editing, and production done in one day.

Song Production: D-Jec
Recording Engineering: Doni Hex
Lyrics: KIRA, P.A.N.I.C., and Hex
Camera Operator: D-Jec & Hex
Editor: Doni Hex


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t.i.c.k. Lab - PROMO Video

Introducing a video featuring the elements of hip-hop for a short film. Hex, sooner or later plans on putting the film into play just so people can get some back story of the label’s characters, compositions, style, and creativity works.

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t.i.c.k. Lab’s performing soon.

featuring: KIRA, Hex, & Cor-E
The program will bring performances of Cor-E’s “97 Livin” and also KIRA & Hex’s “Taco Baboon” along with freebies, Q&A, and back stories of the music.

Come watch the performance
7:00 PM
1652 W. Wallen

@ticklab on Twitter. Contact us for questions

KIRA, Lijha, & Doni Hex Blue Dream Part I: Kickin' Goblins Blue Dream Series

Blue Dream: Kickin’ Goblins

Listen to Blue Dream
and follow our label on soundcloud.